Little Blue Beach Hut – Blog 3

21 August

Carrying water from Lourdes in a plastic moulded bottle with a Blue top and a little Blue television containing pictures of Lourdes, I came upon a boy who had crashed his bike whilst I cycled the Crab and Winkle Way.

22 August

A short visit with Blue high heels and a Blue agapanthus

23 August

  • Blue pot, Blue glass pebble and Blue lapis lazuli used for special most expensive pigment offered by Jenny Day
  • Blue painted scallop shell and Blue jokes on Blue folded paper created by Daphne Stanley who arrived on a Blue bike
  • One Blue earring the other mislaid, Blue feather, Blue paper fan, Blue scroll and Blue silk scarf very faded but old and loved presented by Mary Stockton-Smith all dressed in Blue
  • Liz Howe gave a Blue permanent felt pen writing ‘I have very few BLUE items as it is not a colour I wear nor have in my home-just Blue flowers that
  • I love especially AGAPANTHUS’

25 August

Delivered a Blue postcard of ‘Hotel Splendide’ by Ludwig Bemelmans sent by Sandra Drew for ‘Hotel Splendide Beach Hut’ shrine

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