Little Blue Beach Hut – Blog 4

27 August

Cycled with a cool Blue relaxing seascape and hung a Blue ribbon

28 August

  • Cycled past a Blue tyre on a Blue lamppost
  • Spotted a Green woodpecker
  • Collected Four Blue boxes of fish and chips
  • Blue silky bag of silver glitter hung on the Blue umbrella by my mother

29 August

‘Un po di azzurro dall Italia’ (A bit of Blue from Italy) posted to The Little Blue Beach hut by Neasa and Mariano

30 August

Abandoned bike ride and returned to Canterbury as thunderstorm on the hill

31 August

  • A ginger cat wearing a Blue collar crossed my path
  • 20 Virgin Fridge magnets
  • 5 Blue fabric flowers
  • Jars for Whitstable Water
  • Ethel Shaw placed her Blue cotton reel on top of Blue pins
  • Big Blue tractor harvesting corn on the way back along the bike track

1 September

  • Pilgrims are arriving with Blue offerings for the Whitstable Biennale open days during the first three weekends of September
  • Helen, John, Isabella and Olivia from Cambridge brought Blue things from the beach
  • Mark Nelson delivered a Blue cube with Pilgrim Poem by Sir Walter Raleigh inside
  • Liz Kent read the poem and hung Blue miniature bloomers on the line
  • Deidre Correa placed a Blue dolphin at the Virgin’s feet
  • A family of 4 from Bexley Heath found a crushed Blue box in exchange for a stone
  • Alexandria Cowley added a Blue bottle top
  • Anne Crosbie added Blue plastic to Amber and Isabelle Gasper’s Blue tickets
  • Blue 50p off vouchers were added by Gerry Atkinson and Helen Marsh
  • Claire Dawson rummaged for a Blue hair band
  • Toby drew a Blue picture and Jackie placed a Blue leaflet
  • Oliver went and fetched a Blue transistor radio and a Blue candle stick
  • Jean brought a Blue swizzle stick (but not the cocktail)
  • A Blue labelled water bottle was left by Amy McDonnell next to the Blue topped bottle of water from Lourdes

2 September

  • 5 children collected pieces of Blue polystyrene
  • Emil added a Blue antiseptic wipe and his mormor (grandmother) from Finland offered a Blue cross stitch pattern
  • ‘Blue Blue Electric Blue’ quoted
  • Blue train from Martin Lang
  • Josephine Harvatt attached a Blue bead charm and wrote ’annihilating all that’s made to a blue thought and a blue shade’
  • Anna Gritz ICA curator said she would return with something Blue
  • A Blue card was pinned very high by Jake
  • Saskia left her Blue tissues
  • Helen and Colin went searching for a Blue straw, size 4 Blue shoe lace and a Blue chewing gum wrapper
  • Arthur aged 4 came with his hands full of Blue rope, Blue ribbon and a Blue business card
  • Former Little Blue Beach Hut artist in residency Nancy Charley  presented her new poetry book ’This Woman’ which has a Blue cover
  • Jeremy Langrish hung his predominantly Blue Poetry Festival program
  • Jude aged 9 from London left a Blue bottle top
  • A Pentax lens cloth was offered by Derek Medhurst together with Nikki Le Prevest’s Blue parrot hand wipe
  • Several visits were made by a family of girls all bringing greyish/blue stones from the beach and their mum left a Blue towel soaked in sea water
  • An email was received from Liz saying ‘Hope the Biennale goes off in a wonderful Madonnerish way…our day in the Blue was a beautiful experience’

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