Little Blue Beach Hut – Blog 5

4 Sept

Lots of Blue stuff on the steps of the hut waiting for me when I arrived left by Suzanne Lucas and others who wanted their souvenir posted to an address in Whitstable

6 Sept

  • Fitzy pinned a miniature cut out Elvis wearing Blue suede shoes to the door of the Little Blue Beach Hut for me to find when I arrived on my Blue bike with my French Ultramarine oil paint
  • Mary and Peter hung a Blue glass fish from Cornwall and gave a Blue ceramic dish for collecting stones
  • Albert Barber arrived from London and loaned his Blue T-shirt and Blue marker pen

8 September

  • Arrived to discover Trish Flynn’s business card with 6 little Blue pegs and Juliet and Anne wrote ‘hello neighbour’ on slate
  • The Shaw gang brought a Blue sparkly ball, Blue Lego bricks, Blue balloons and a Blue pencil
  • Tim and Lawrence found lots of Blue stuff so did Elle and Ruby and returned many times with more friends (Jasmine, Carmen, Sarah and Emily) and Blue bits and pieces
  • Lesley Vickerage (TV star) came looking for her lost shoe
  • A Blue condom deposited by Terri Maloney and Simon Johnson
  • Dotty and Paul Driscoll said ‘My favourite colour! We hope the Blue mosaic coasters and Blue bouncy ball enjoy their new home.
  • Neil wrote ‘I feel spiritually refreshed … well worth the long journey!’  Lindsay hung her Blue earrings
  • Bill and Eve carried a little Blue beach hut on their bikes from Canterbury
  • A Blue hard copy of Keats’ poetry collection was placed on the armchair by Lynn, Jacki and Denise
  • A faded Blue plastic beach ring was looped over the Blue umbrella by Jennie Wright
  • Blue bottle tops and stones were left by Jasmine, Carmen, Sarah and Emily

9 September

  • Janis Green cycled with a Blue glass pebble
  • Eva from Poland and Sarah from Brazil blew up Blue rubber gloves that had been given to them by the Lifeguards
  • Sally and Richard Tabot said that the Blue statue and Blue shell reminded them of Our Lady Star of The Sea
  • Karen and Andy Walsh placing a Blue plastic heart admired the Blue personal object by the Blue sea
  • Glenn brought Sharad and Sumita from New Delhi India
  • A beautiful Blue glass flower delivered by Ann van Greuning
  • Mrs Oily brought a newspaper with a Blue cover as she forgot her special item, a Blue ribbon – spotty, which she will post
  • Tim and Elle brought more Blue stuff from the beach with friends Michelle and Michaela
  • Marti Larkin brought a roll of Blue thread
  • Julia Groves took a Blu-tac impression of part of the little Blue beach hut and a plant growing beside it

Little Blue Hut InteriorLittle Blue Hut Mirror closeupLittle Blue Hut Close up