Little Blue Beach Hut – Blog 6

11 September

  • A Blue oyster shell with a Blue Whitstable seascape was waiting for me on the steps when I arrived on my Blue bike.  Who was the mystery pilgrim?
  • I discovered a Blue pencil sharpener but I don’t know who deposited it amongst the things on the table
  • Sue, Janet and Louise brought a collection of Blue stones one painted with Blue glitter and one with the word sea painted on it
  • A little Blue bottle of men’s cologne was handed to me

12 September

  • Magz Hall pinned up a Blue Canterbury to Whitstable bus timetable

13 September

  • Cycled on my Blue bike to the Little Blue Beach Hut by the big Blue sea
  • Hung a Blue picture of yachts brought by Helen because she said she only brought rubbish last time she visited!
  • Ethel was here yet again and Ethel’s sister came too
  • A miniature box of Roses chocs was placed on the visitor’s table by Estelle

15 September

  • Opened Little Blue Beach Hut for the last weekend of the Whitstable Biennale
  • Jan Iley posted a Blue make-up bag and a Blue Frisbee from St Paul’s Way Trust School
  • Karen sent a postcard of a Blue sculpture
  • Amy blew up a Blue balloon saying that the installation reminded her of a Blue bird’s nest
  • Sue Walton left a Blue reading-glass packet
  • Suzy Harris placed a Blue book of postcards
  • Gavin Orpin brought his Blue truck played with by all his brothers
  • ‘I hand over my Blue paintbox trusting this will inspire me in the future’ Marilyn
  • ‘Handing over my Blue tie to mark my retirement’ David
  • Alan Walton arrived with two Blue balloons
  • Mick placed the remains of a Blue balloon with other Blue found items
  • Dante brought some Blue
  • Sally Kindberg left a Blue bottle top, a Blue Gletscher Eis sweet and one of her sheep saying what a happy Blue hut
  • Micky said ‘I brought you a Blue scent bottle, Blue cotton, Blu-tac mouse, Blue key ring, Blue Nivea and a Blue plastic thingy?’
  • Olivia discovered that Tartar sauce has a Blue wrapper
  • Ella came with Blue card
  • Sophie hoped the Blue catalogue she designed for the Satellite Programme counted
  • Lesley and Jen hung four lovely Blue buttons
  • ‘I brought a Blue egg, a Blue Z, a Blue peg, a Blue pen, a Blue pencil, Matilda’s rainbow picture, a Blue spiral and Blue paper axe.  I also brought my son and granddaughter; I loved the Blue Blue Blue.’ Shalley, Edward and Matilda
  • ‘I was going to bring a Blue booklet about the coastline in Kent, France and Belgium but left it in the post office!  So instead, I brought a bottle of water with a Blue lid and a Blue label, all the way from Sittingbourne … by bicycle’ Gill
  • Micky donated a Blue second class postage stamp from Scotland
  • Jonathan Barnes found Blue things from the beach so that his grandchildren could have a stone
  • Delivered a souvenir to the home of Liz Knowles who anonymously left a pile of Blue items on the steps writing her address in Blue chalk on the slate

16 September

  • Jackie made a miniature bouquet of little Blue flowers and laid them on the steps of the Blue hut
  • Trish’s sister gathered bits and pieces between the groynes
  • Matthew left a Blue bag – unused – that he carries’s when walking his dog
  • Ian and Katie forgot to bring something Blue.  They had put aside an old Oyster card
  • Liz, Lara, Klaudia and Rik from Performance Klub Fiskulturnik brought a Blue folder and a Russian Winter Olympics timetable book
  • Liz wrote ‘very Blue.  Hope you are not Blue too’
  • Danielle gave Lucas’s little Blue romper suit to the hut
  • Tina brought her son BLUE Thomas to the Little Blue Beach Hut
  • Adam Dreyer left two fragments of his Blue Barclay Visa card!
  • ‘Brilliant!  Very much reminds me of Mother Shipton’s Cave in Knaresborough.  We brought Blue matches and a Blue toy dog with wheels.’ Dan and Gemma Burrows
  • ‘What a lovely surprise!  Not to be sniffed at – sorry I only had some Blue tissues as my offering! Janet
  • Susan and Luke left a piece of Blue and white china
  • Nicki Leggatt placed a Blue glass cube
  • Brazilians Laura Barbi and Artur Assis left a Blue chewing gum package and her Blue student card
  • Marti sent a Bluebell matchbox with a little Blue fish inside
  • There’s a Blue necklace by the Blue crystal.  Who hung this?
  • I noticed a Blue pencil and a Blue tag had been placed on the Virgin’s hands.  I wonder who brought them?
  • Andrew and Ros Rootes wrote ‘The best Blue ever! A fantastic installation.  Even the wind blew.’

17 September

  • I emptied the Blue installation and had fish and chips for the last time looking out to sea. Nearly 600 pilgrims visited the little Blue Beach Hut.
  • Busy close up resizedSouvenirs on step resized

 Thank you for all your contributions.  You placed a huge amount of Blue items taking away Whitstable water or white stones printed with a heart, wrapped in printed calico, tied up with string and a printed fish label.

There are plans for the Little Blue Beach Hut to live on.  Keep an eye on my website

Susan Shaw