Little Blue Beach Hut – Blog 2

13 August

  • Cycled the Crab and Winkle Way from Canterbury on Blue Bike wearing Blue cap, Blue T-shirt, Blue shorts, Blue sandals, and Blue earrings
  • Views of Cathedral a golden slowworm and Blue police siren
  • 1 hour and 2 minutes, 9 miles
  • Glitter shaker mug from Lourdes
  • Painted a Blue Virgin

14 August

  • Cycled on Blue Bike return trip 18 miles
  • Glass Virgin press mould for making Blue Virgins
  • Blue car driven by cow brought by Chris Coleman
  • Bright Blue children’s beach shoes placed by Lisa Oulton
  • Blue glass bottle and a pale Blue cloth rose. Rose was used in flamenco outfit arranged by Mary Stockton-Smith

15 August

  • 3 Blue votive candles

17 August

  • Blue chalk message left on slate
  • Love Life Live Love
  • Pilgrim wallet made in Mexico
  • Blue bucket and spade purchased by Robert Barber at Tankerton circus
  • Red fox ran across path on cycle home to Canterbury

18 August

  • On bike with doll wearing a Blue ribbon in her hair
  • Blue Speedo swim suit
  • Blue Beach towel

19 August

  • Evening pilgrimage in a Blue dress
  • Blue crystal to reflect the lights from funfair on Tankerton slopes

Back-in-5-minutesLittle Blue Hut Next DoorLittle Blue Hut Looking Out